• We took time out from RC to visit the Amazing new Rainbow warrior III and we were not disappointed

The que was about half a mile long but worth the wait. There were lots of stalls and activities going on while we awaited our call -well organised.There was also an ongoing screened music enhanced film, a fast poignant reminder of what has been acheived in the past 40 years.On site, large dominant canvas Images were displayed showing all the horrendous hunted whale killings,and pictures of the pioneers of Green Peace in 1971.

Once it was our turn , we climbed aboard  and found it was quite apparent the extent of high specifications that Green Peace had demanded when commissioning this magnificate ship.

I couldnt resist taking a quick photo of the heavy textured steel steps aboard. Securing and surefooting the crew in a any hurrican storm ,or worse, a quick escape route from gunfire.

Well worth the visit.. you can view their video history on Youtube.