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Luxury cotton Handkerchief, limited edition .Makes a great gift  for all year round.

(See list of uses below)

Double turned hem , Brand label, woven fine fabric. 

machine wash @ 30' 


Finished Size : 37 x 37 cm                                  shipping : P&P......... £ 1.50 


Only x 6 in stock . 

Hank Uses : 

wiping spills on water bottles 

Cleaning eye glasses/ phones etc

Country walks/ fishing/ outdoor adventures 

Perspiration wipes !   travel/ holidays.

wrapping items : Japanese Furoshiki style

catching coughs / sneezes

watery eyes / washed hands drying cloth 

smart dress code/ weddings /meetings/events

Every day carry ( EDC) uses - 1 x clean hank  per day. 

Easy maintenance- wash in machine.


Luxury cotton Handkerchief burgundy/black check


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