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SALE- Very sweet wooden swing mirror suitable for a chest of drawers or bedroom table.

Possibly Edwardian & mahogony, & in good condition. Attractive small acrorn finial detail. Mirror is detachable from brass fittings on the support posts.Mirror is backed with plywood.Just a few marks on the mirror.

Mirror size  frame:

Width  42.5cm ( cureved top) x Height 32.5cm

Acorn finials-  height 3.5cm


Overall mirror size- incl. base & support arms:

total width 49.5cm  x total height 39.5cm 


Splayed legs (front to back )stretch out to 21.5cm.    FREE DELIVERY...... WITHIN UK

SOLD- Table top SWING mirror

£54.00 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price

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